The nursery chickens have now settled into their new secure enclosure and are each producing an egg each day, which the children cannot wait to collect. If we get a surplus of eggs they will be available outside the nursery gate for parents to take home. If you have any spare egg boxes that ypu could donate, we would be very grateful.

We also have 2 new additions to our farm area, 2 male Guinea Pigs called Pumpkin and Patches!. They have already proved very popular with the children and are getting more than their share of Dandelion leaves! They are very friendly and used to being handled, so they get lots of attention.

This week we have also harvested bowl fulls of tomatoes grown by the children and discovered one of our courgettes that was hiding under the leaves has become almost as big as a marrow! Everyone is very impressed with the produce grown by the children this year, so well done to our young farmers!