Our facilities

“The environment as the Third teacher” Reggio Emilia

Our nursery environment both inside and out has been specifically designed to fully support and challenge young children in all areas of their development.

Children learn readily from their environment and therefore the environment is referred to as ‘the third teacher’, after their parents and teachers. At the Angmering Day nursery we provide spaces to promote physical development, places to discover, places to explore and places to imagine and reflect. Each space is a learning environment in its own right, where children can challenge themselves or consolidate new skills and understanding.

Our creative conservatory

‘Every child is an artist’ Pablo Picasso

Here children can use a range of materials and mark making tools to paint, print, collage, sculpt or design any creation they wish. The limit is only the child’s imagination.
Here you will also find our sand and water exploration areas

Our main room

Within the main room you will firstly see our fabulous role play area which changes regularly according to the interests of the children. This is a great area to fire up the child’s imagination and is very popular with all the children.

Here we also have a graphics area where children develop and practice their mark making and writing skills and a computer station with 2 fabulous touchscreen PC’s.

Also here you will find our small world and construction areas. There is a wealth of construction equipment here, ranging from Duplo to large bricks, Mobilo, sticklebricks and much more. We have a small world farm, fire station, dollshouse, space station… oh and a very popular train set to name just a few. There is something to inspire very child!

Our quiet room

Here is a reflective area, where many books, puzzles and puppets are located. A quiet space to settle down and relax, cuddle up on one of the sofas and just relax.

Our discovery room.

This room is used for small adult supported groups. A place to discover and learn those new skills that require more adult focus. Here, amongst other things, is a light table to explore translucent and coloured objects. There is also a new woodworking bench, for children to learn the skill of joining and cutting wood. This room is also used for 1 to 1 sessions with children and for small adult supported activities and games.

Our garden.

Our garden is so full of opportunity to learn and develop so many skills in a safe and secure setting.
There is a fabulous mud kitchen with potion bottles mixing bowls.. and a giant wooden spoon!
A playhouse where children can pretend to be whoever they want to be..
A minibeast area, where children can hunt out and explore the world of our smallest creatures with magnifying glasses
A fairy garden with a secret door hidden in the tree
a herb garden for children to explore their sense of smell
a flower garden where the children grow the most enormous sunflowers…
All this as well as bikes, trikes, balancing beams, tunnels, tents, stilts, climbing steps, hoops, parachutes……..

Our Farm school

(watch this space!)
Beyond the gate is our new farm school area which is just being developed. Here will be our new allotment next season together with the chicken run and small animal homes where children will learn how to care for animals under the support of the adults. Children will only be able to access this area within small groups led by the staff and it has its own hygiene/ handwash station located within it. We are certain that the children will gain enormously from participating in this experience and we are looking forward to its full launch in the coming months.