At the Angmering Day Nursery we recognise that parents are the child’s first carers and educators and therefore their views and knowledge of their children are paramount in ensuring that we are able to provide the best possible care.

We believe that a parent’s involvement in nursery life enriches a child’s experience and we therefore invite and encourage parents and carers to become actively involved from sharing particular talents or job roles, reading a story (particularly in a different home language) to simply joining us on our different fun days and events.

Parents and Carers are always welcome to visit the nursery particularly if they wish to check on how they are settling in. We have the facility for parents to view their child’s activity via our one-way mirror, ensuring the parent remains unobserved.

Sharing informationicon-header-005

The nursery encourages the sharing of information both on a daily basis and through parents’ consultation times when parents can book a time to discuss progress with their key person. Each key person is responsible for collecting all the evidence for the child’s learning Journal which is securely accessible by each parents online ‘Tapestry’ account. This is looked upon as being a shared process and parents and carers are encouraged to provide information through their own observations and photos to also be included. We rely on parents to keep us updated on their child’s progress at home and concerning any changes to routine, diet and general health and well-being. We strongly believe that the more information shared between the nursery and parents regarding the child’s learning leads to improved outcomes for the children.

Including all children and familiesicon-header-002

We are committed to ensuring all families feel welcome and included in the setting and we have adopted certain practices to help support families with English as an additional Language. We support these children within the setting by using lots of visual aids, signing, props and puppets, labels and signs in home languages, multi-language books and tapes and finding out key words to help with communication.

Your views counticon-header-003

The nursery regularly provides parents with information regarding the nursery through newsletters and posters. We also regularly seek the views of our parents through questionnaires, and use of our suggestion box. If however you, as a parent, have any concerns or questions about the nursery we operate an ‘open-door’ policy. We are committed to working together to resolve any problems or worries about a child or the care that they receive.