At the Angmering Day Nursery, we have adopted an all-inclusive approach to fees for our non-government funded children. Life as a parent is difficult enough without having to remember to make a packed lunch, provide enough nappies and wipes or remember to bring sunscreen, so what do we mean by ‘all inclusive’?


Our published fees for non-funded children include the following at no extra cost to you. If your child is eligible for 3-4 year old government funding, we do ask for a monthly contribution towards the items below.


Breakfast– e.g. toast/ croissant/ bagel, cereal and fruit

Morning snack– will include fruit, crackers, breadsticks, vegetable sticks, dips etc

Home cooked lunch – from our 3-week rotating menu freshly prepared in our kitchen

Home cooked tea – high tea on the same rotating menu basis as lunch

Afternoon snack – again will include fruit, crackers, breadsticks, vegetable sticks, dips etc

Vegetarian, vegan, and a range of free from foods– for any intolerances, preferences or allergies

Eco nappies

Sun cream–Only leading brands provided at factor 50 minimum

All weather clothing and wellies– we provide quality all-weather clothing for your child’s use within our farm school area Early Years Foundation Stage Teaching – Our staff are fully trained and qualified to teach the EYFS

Tapestry account– access to a range of facilities such as your child’s EYFS Development Profile

Nursery App, to help keep you in touch with all the latest nursery news and policies

Evening Parent workshop sessionslead by our qualified teacher on topics such as ‘Getting ready for reading’, ‘Phonics’, ‘Supporting your child with numbers’, ‘Managing Challenging behaviour’

Extra-curricular sessions– such as music and language sessions, visitors from certified animal experience groups, local interest groups etc.

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The following price tables show the fees for a full or half day as well as the monthly cost, where we take the weekly fee and multiply by 51 weeks then divide by 12 months. This consistent amount makes it easier for your budgeting and nursery administration. The reason we multiply the weekly amount by 51 and not 52 is that we are closed between Christmas and New Year, so you don’t pay for this closure. Bank Holidays are also not charged for if your child attends on that day

Funding – there are many sources of financial assistance with nursery fees such as EYFE (free places for 2, 3- and 4-year olds, tax-free childcare, student funding, special needs assistance and tax credits. If you need assistance with finding out your eligibility for these types of funding, do please ask.


Full Day

8am- 6pm, including breakfast, morning snack, Cooked lunch, mid-afternoon snack, Tea

Morning session
8am-1pm Including breakfast, morning snack, cooked lunch

Afternoon session
1pm-6pm Including mid-afternoon snack and high tea.

We do have some capacity to offer session times outside of those above. These are strictly limited per year. Please discuss this with the nursery manager to see if we can accommodate your requirements.

Additional Costs

We charge a Late collection fee of £8.25 per 15 min period if you are late collecting your child. This will only be applied under exceptional circumstances. We take a realistic approach to this and understand that occasionally circumstances will prevent you collecting your child within our session times. The late collection fee will only be applied if it is a repeating occurrence.

Late payment fee £25.00 Again this will only be applied if there is a repeating occurrence.

Non-refundable administration fee £35.00, this is charged on submission of our admission forms and is used to cover the cost of setting up your account and your child’s ‘Day in the life of…’ folder etc. These will be given to you to keep when your child leaves us.

Some important reminders about our fees:

  • Our fees are payable calendar monthly in advance by direct debit, cash or nursery voucher by the 7th of each month. We no longer accept cheques.
  • If you are paying by voucher, then please let us know the company you are using and ensure that your child’s name is used as the reference when the payment is made.
  • We understand that from time to time changes can occur and we will endeavour to be reasonable given the circumstances. We need at least 4 WEEKS written notice to be provided for any changes to the booking or when your child finally leaves the nursery. We will try to accommodate shorter notice periods especially if we are able to cover the change with another booking.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide refunds for a child’s absence of whatever nature including holidays, sickness and nursery closure due to bad weather. Exceptional circumstances can be discussed with the Nursery Manager.
  • Fees are reviewed annually, and 8 weeks minimum notice will be provided before any changes are made.


Funding and funded children

At the Angmering Day Nursery we offer government funded free entitlement for all our 3- and 4-year olds.

We also offer 2-year-old funding for those families who are eligible. If you feel you may be eligible for this type of funding, please contact the nursery manager who will help you to access this via West Sussex County Council.

3 and 4-year-old funding

Currently, each child is entitled to 570 funded hours of childcare each year from the beginning of the school term following their 3rd Birthday. This is called Universal funding.

At the Angmering Day Nursery, we stretch funding for the convenience of the parents who attend here. This means that your child’s 570 free hours are stretched equally over the 51 weeks we are open.
Offering stretched funding means that your child will still be funded for the weeks outside of school term time, e.g., throughout August, Easter and half terms.

We claim the funding from West Sussex Council on your behalf and this is deducted from your monthly bill in advance. Following your child’s 3rd birthday we will send you an EYFE form which provides details about your child and what sessions you are claiming. This also provides details of any other setting that your child may be attending.

If you qualify to access the extended funding for working parents (also called 30hrs funded childcare), then this is deducted from your invoice in the same way as the universal funding. You will be entitled to 1140hrs funded childcare per year. You need to apply via the Government website to access this type of funding.

It is unfortunate that the money we receive from the government for funded children does not cover our nursery fees. The government are quite clear that the funding amount they give us only go towards basic care and education. It does not cover food or any other extended activities we do like music or language sessions. We, therefore, ask parents for a small additional services contribution for our funded children to cover these costs. Further details of this can be obtained from the nursery manager.

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